Jazz Festival

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The St Lucia Jazz Festival has become one of the major events on St. Lucia’s calendar of events. During the month of May, the island moves to the beat of jazz when music fills the air and tourism takes on a whole new meaning to all. What started as simply a marketing event to boost tourism industry arrivals during a low peak period, has now developed into one of the top 2 jazz festivals in the world and is the second biggest event in the Caribbean next to the Trinidad carnival. The official dates for the 2011 jazz festival is 30-Apr to 8-May. Please be advised that the acts for the Jazz 2011 line-up has yet to be announced. This page will continue to be updated with newly announced performances.


Pigeon Island - Home of the St. Lucia Jazz Festival, Pigeon Island is one of the Caribbean’s most historic landmarks and certainly one of the most beautiful spots in St. Lucia. Connected to the mainland by a causeway and surrounded by the Caribbean Sea, Pigeon Island serves as the ideal venue for the 2 closing days of the Festival. Many entertainers have said that this is the most beautiful venue that they have ever performed at and many have returned.

Pigeon Island National Park - In 1999 the Pigeon Island Side Lawn was introduced. Located on Pigeon Island, directly in front of the Captain’s Cellar (a historic hangout of the military hierarchy), this venue hosts two evening performances. Starlit nights create the perfect ambience for a night you won’t want to miss!

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